The goal of physical therapy is to restore range of motion and strength, allowing a return to activities and lifestyle prior to injury. Physical therapy is very unique and customized to a patient’s initial injury, pain, and personal goals.

Physical therapy can take many different forms. Most physical therapy sessions focus on strengthening exercises and rebuilding muscle memory to regain function and mobility that existed before an injury or surgery. Physical therapy exercises vary based on location and severity of a patient’s injury.

Bone & Joint Clinic strives to provide excellent treatment and rehabilitation to our patients, offering the best physical therapists onsite. This allows us to establish seamless care between the physicians and the physical therapists. By working with both a physical therapist and our expert team of physicians, rehabilitation takes the best course possible. Our ultimate goal is to allow our patients to regain independence in their everyday activities. We will ensure that you are receiving the best possible care work with you until you are satisfied with your progress.


– Earl J. Rozas, MD (retired)
– James M. Todd, MD
– Daniel J. Gallagher, MD
– Robert L. Shackleton, MD
– Kearny Q. Robert, III, MD
– Scott J. Habetz, MD
– Neil L. Duplantier M.D.


Please see post-surgical instructions and rehab section


Please see non-surgical instructions section

– Gustavo Godoy M.D.
– Fred F. Chiu, MD


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