Bones play an important role in the body and serve many important functions. They store and supply calcium, support muscle attachments which enable movement, protect our vital organs and provide a space for bone marrow to produce blood and bone cells. Strong bones are more resistant to fracture. A joint is where two or more bones join together. Joints tend to be rigid and also have cartilage to prevent bones from rubbing together, causing pain and irritation.

Keeping your bones and joints healthy will allow you to run, jump, walk, play sports, and participate in other activities. The right amount of physical activity, a balanced diet, and avoiding risky activities are recommended ways to maintain bone and joint health. Age, physical activity, and hereditary issues can contribute to issues with bone and joint health. Some typical problems include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

At Bone & Joint Clinic we have doctors specially trained in every aspect of bone and joint health. We will help you to maintain your bone and joint health and take action to prevent future damage. Our doctors are committed to creating personal relationships with patients to give the absolute best care possible.