Arthritis is a chronic condition meaning that it is recurrent and long-term. While arthritis will not go away entirely, there are certain preventative measures you can take to ease the pain and frequency of reoccurrence.

The most common symptom of arthritis is pain and stiffening in the joints that may gradually worsen overtime or appear suddenly. There are several factors that put you at greater risk for arthritis including genetics, gender (women tend to suffer more from osteoarthritis and men from gout), age and weight. Determining the type of arthritis you have is crucial to effectively treat the symptoms.

There are two major categories of arthritis. The first type is caused by wear and tear on the articular cartilage (osteoarthritis) through the natural aging process, through constant use, or through trauma (post-traumatic arthritis).The second type can be caused by a variety of inflammatory processes. This results in joint inflammation, causing swelling, pain and stiffness. Inflammation is one of the body’s normal reactions to injury or disease. While inflammation is usually temporary,it may cause long-lasting or permanent disability in arthritic joints.

Treatment is specific for each person and should be discussed with a doctor. In most cases, people with arthritis can continue to participate in their daily activities. Exercise programs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and weight reduction for those who are overweight are common methods to reduce pain, stiffness, and improve function and mobility. For those suffering from severe cases of arthritis, orthopedic surgery can often provide dramatic pain relief and restore lost joint function.

Here at Bone & Joint Clinic our goal is to make your daily activities easier by decreasing the pain and stiffening of your joints. We will work with you closely to relieve your arthritis pain and help you to regain joint function and movement.